If you're sick of experts giving you relationship advice, you'll like this. Here's some advice you should never listen to...according to, of course, other experts.

There are some very popular pieces of advice that might not be worth following, according to an article reported at msn.com.

Never go to bed angry...This is one of the first "rules" you hear about good relationships. Experts say it doesn't really work. If you're angry, even at bedtime, it will affect your ability to communicate your real feelings and may do more damage than good. It's better to wait until you're really ready to talk.

Keep questioning until he confesses...Maybe you think he's cheating, but constantly questioning him and rifling through his phone and email will get you nowhere, according to the experts. The distrust could destroy the relationship even if there hasn't been any infidelity.

So, let's break this down. This is relationship advice from experts who are telling you not to take relationship advice from experts. That literally makes no sense, but maybe neither does love, so this could work. So don't forget...experts advise you to ignore expert advice when it comes to relationships.

Now, in addition to not knowing what to do, we now don't know who to listen to when it comes to relationship advice. But at least we know who not to listen to. Wait...what?



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