You see some guy smiling at you. You wonder what it means. You'd give anything to know what he's thinking. Now you may be able to know what's on his mind without him saying a word.Thanks to, there may be a way to read his mind by reading his body...body language that is. Get ready for the tips that just may help you understand what's going on in the mind of a man. Here's a sample of the tips.

He Half Smiles - This means he may be a "fling" kind of guy. His face is telling two stories, according to an expert.

His Toes Are Pointed Toward Each Other - This guy probably likes you, but he's a little unsure of himself, and needs you to give him a little reassurance.

He Looks At You With A Piercing Gaze - You might think he really likes you, but watch out, he may just be playing you.

As a guy, I can tell you that no guy I know does any of these things consciously, so when you think about it, this may actually work.

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