Holy throwback! I found this video of Casino Pier from the summer of 1969 on Facebook and it's so cool!

How things have changed. In this vintage video, we start with a spinning ride that had an Olympics theme. I couldn't make out the name. You'll see a giant slide ride that was right at the end of the pier. It looks a lot like one of the rides a Breakwater Beach. As you'll see, you just sat on a mat, sometimes with a child on your lap and go down this giant slide.

There are some old school surf scenes and footage of a staple of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, The Sky Ride.

There's a sign for "Hell's Angels" which looks like a rollercoaster, and a great shot of the outside of "The Haunted House."

See what's happening now at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights at exit82.com!

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