Talk about a delayed blog…sorry about it.

Last Saturday I had blogged about the Freestyle Summer Jam coming to Asbury Park Convention Hall. Let me tell you it was one concert for the books. If you love the classic sounds of the 80’s and 90’s Freestyle genre, this was the show you did not want to miss!! If you did, then let me share it and you can pretend you were there! Now, we all know I was on the air till 8 so I definitely missed the first couple of acts…bummer…but I made it there and saw the remaining acts.

My best friend had never been to a Freestyle show and I am so glad I brought her with me! She had an amazing time and can’t wait for the next one. When we arrived Cynthia and Johnny O were on the stage. We missed the performance of “Dreamboy Dreamgirl” but were able to hear it as we stood in line. By the time we got in Cynthia was solo on the stage doing her thing! Acts that followed included, Sweet Sensation, Cover Girls, Rob Base, Judy Torres, skits by Sal Abbatiello and Speedy, George Anthony and George Lamond and the grand finale was TKA/K7. All the artists showed up and showed out!

What stuck out to me was the new music from George Anthony and George Lamond. The song is called “Now That It’s Over” on the 418 Freestyle Music Label in collaboration with Artistik Records ran by Willie Valentin. I spoke to Gino Caporale the CEO/Owner of 418 Music and 418 Freestyle about how he came to sign George Anthony and George Lamond for that track. “We signed GA vs GL after I met George Anthony, also My partner (418 Freestyle) Carlos Berrios has a great relationship with George Lamond. But Willie Valentin and I cut the deal. Willie owns Artistik Records, but recognized all of the amazing marketing we were doing with both labels and wanted to sign GA vs GL with 418 Freestyle.” I asked Gino if he thought the Freestyle Genre would make a comeback into commercial radio and he says “I think the goal is to make it back to commercial radio but that depends on a few things. 1) new great music 2) labels spending money on marketing and promotion. 3) new artist that have it all..the look, the vocals, a great tracks and an amazing social media presence. Spotify is key!

418 Music was started in 2013 and 418 Freestyle was started in 2019. 418 Freestyle has recently released 4 new tracks by various veterans and new freestyle music artists such as : “Running Redux” Carlos Berrios vs Sammy Zone, “All Hooked Up” Jenni Renee, “I Can’t Change Your Mind” Lisette Melendez & Cynthia and “Now That It’s Over” George Anthony & George Lamond. 418 Music was voted the #1 Independent Dance label Imprint of 2018 by Billboard magazine.

I personally would love to see Freestyle make a comeback, but until then I will forever remember last weekend’s Freestyle Summer Jam!

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