Lidl is a grocery chain that started in Europe and they claim to "revolutionize grocery shopping."

Two locations are opening in Monmouth County. Look for Lidl in Eatontown at 136 Route 35 to open its doors on October 31. Hazlet will be next with another Route 35 store (2937) set to open on November 28.

So what makes Lidl different?

According to their corporate site, 90% of their products are on Lidl's own private label. This allows customers to save time going through dozens of different brands. Lidl promises their brand is at the highest quality for the least amount of money.

Lidl isn't just food. Stores will feature essentials for the home, small appliances and kitchen gadgets, gear for the whole family, toys. power tools, home décor, gardening supplies and more. They say these items will be updated twice a week.

Lidl is a "bring your own bag" store. They say that this allows them to keep product costs down because they don't have to build the cost of the bags into prices.

There are other Lidl stores in the area, and I've heard good things! Check out their store locator.

[source: APP]

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