Every once and a while you'll see those Google trucks driving around capturing images for Google Maps. They've recorded some coincidental shots before, but I've never seen anything like this.

When you go onto Google Maps and type in the address of The Point, this is what you see.

Google Maps

Don't ask why the cops were here. Kidding.

When you enter the address 725 Willow Road - Hoboken, NJ you see a Google Maps pic that will go down as one of the best, and most cringe-worthy of all time.

Google Maps

First, let me say I hope this man is ok. That was a brutal fall, and he clearly hit his head on the step.

Now I don't know how fast these Google vans move, but you'd think the driver would stop if they saw this, right?

The Patch has reached out to Google for comment.

The crazy thing is if you search surrounding addresses and pan around to different views you not only see the reaction of one woman that saw this man's fall...

Google Maps

But you also see the man either lose his balance or slip right before he falls backward.

Google Maps

According to Google Maps, these images were captured in August of 2019. I really hope that we get a follow-up from Google or someone who see this to find out if this guy is ok!

[source: Patch]

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