Every once and a while you'll see those Google trucks driving around capturing images for Google Maps. They've recorded some coincidental shots before, but I've never seen anything like this.

When you go onto Google Maps and type in the address of The Point, this is what you see.

Google Maps

Don't ask why the cops were here. Kidding.

When you entered the address 725 Willow Avenue in Hoboken, NJ you see a Google Maps pic that will go down as one of the most cringe-worthy of all time.

Google Maps

First, let me say I hope this man is ok. That was a sickening fall, and he clearly hit his head on the step.

Now I don't know how fast these Google vans move, but you'd think the driver would stop if they saw this, right?

The crazy thing is if you search the surrounding addresses and pan around to different views you not only see the reaction of one woman that saw this man's fall...

Google Maps

But you also see the man either lose his balance or slip right before he falls backward.

Google Maps

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These images were captured in August of 2019. Now when you look up this address, you just see the stairs. The mystery man is gone. It's not a conspiracy. Google regularly updates these photos, and the last refresh happened in November of 2020.

Ever since I first reported on this story, I've been actively trying to get the identity of this man. First, I want to make sure that he is alive. Hopefully, he is well and is able to tell the story of that day in August of 2019.

Was he knocked unconscious? Did that woman pictured above come to his aid? Did anyone? I'm hoping somebody will see this and give me an update. As you can see, Google sees everything. Hey Google, can you tell us what happened? We, well, I want answers!

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