The book is called It's A No-Brainer and it's out now. Meet the dad who continues his work to help keep girls who play sports as safe as boys.

When his own girls were growing up, Rob Stolker noticed that when they started playing Lacrosse, although they were practicing with a hard ball and sticks, they had no protective gear! (Meanwhile the boys practicing sports had helmets, etc.)

He realized that not only did his girls deserve to be kept safe, but that all girls who were either going without protective gear or struggling to fit into gear suited for males needed the right head gear so as not to risk their lives.

Meanwhile, he realized that all this time girls were getting injured (sometimes severely) playing the sport of lacross without the correct safety measures. Head injuries are nothing to mess witth. And now we know even more about the lifelong pain and damage that head injuries can cause.

So Rob set out to create protective gear specifically for girls like his daughters who play lacross!  And now he has written a book about the topic called No Brainer.

Photo courtesy of Rob Stolker
Photo courtesy of Rob Stolker

It all began four years ago when Rob, the father of four daughters who he describes as active and athletic, found out that his two younger daughters wanted to play lacrosse. When he attended their very first clinic, he realized that the girls weren't wearing helmets -- in a sport with sticks and a rock-hard ball flying around.

Meanwhile, he noticed that over in the next field, boys were at a practice and had not only helmets, but shoulder pads and protective gloves, etc. He got angry. Why didn't the girls deserve the same level of protection as the boys?

So he decided to go buy his daughters some helmets but soon found out there was no equivelent protective gear available for girls who play sports like lacrosse. So he decided to do something about it.

His goal? To create the first-ever ASTM-approved girls lacrosse headgear. And what a success it has been! I'm sure parents of girls everywhere are thanking him for now helping to keep their girls safe in such a popular sport. His new company now helps provide girls with protective gear for several sports.

(Photo from Rob Stolker)
(Photo from Rob Stolker)

The full title of Rob's new book is It’s A No- Brainer: An Entrepreneur’s Battle to Reduce Concussions in Girls’ Lacrosse. In this book are stories about girls who have suffered life-changing injuries while playing lacrosse. It came out just a couple of weeks ago and shot right up to #1 (beating Elon Musk!)

Lacrosse is a sport where it only takes a single ball or stick to the head to cause serious damage to someone who is unprotected. In this book, Rob also discusses the science behind why the governing body of lacrosse in our country needs to legally require that everyone who plays lacrosse must wear head protection starting immediately as a rule!

Rob also gets very personal in this book. He was born in Philly but has lived in Holmdel for 20 years. He had a rocky childhood, says he was a lousy student, and even shares his business failures and successes.

Creating Hummingbird Sports headgear, Rob says, has been his life's second greatest achievement. Of course raising his daughters has been his greatest life achievement and he is proud to be able to leave them this legacy.

Thank you, Rob, for doing something so important that has helped so many girls.

For more info or to purchase Rob's book, CLICK HERE.

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