Please stop riding those "festive" horse-drawn carriages you see throughout the holiday season no matter where you are.

I have seen so many videos of horses being mistreated or even collapsing because of exhaustion.

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In case you were not aware, I am a huge animal supporter.

a horse

Therefore, I become infuriated beyond belief when I see videos like this. I warn you, it is hard to watch.

It shows a horse collapsing on the streets of New York City due to exhaustion. Granted, this video was from 2018 when I started writing about this topic to raise awareness.

However, don't get it twisted. There still have been plenty of alarming horse incidents reported in 2022.

Did you see the video of a horse named Ryder who collapsed in the streets of NYC this past Summer? The owner continues to pull at the reigns despite the horse's physical state.

Jersey Shore / andykazie
Jersey Shore / andykazie

According to, Ryder did recently pass away and experts think it is not due to natural causes. Ryder has sparked outrage across the country and rightfully so.

“We are devastated to learn that Ryder has died. His horrific collapse, after years of abuse, inspired tens of thousands of people from across the globe to stand up to carriage horse industry cruelty,” said Edita Birnkrant, executive director of New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets.

“But make no mistake: this tragedy was not caused by an act of God — Ryder’s death was the result of savage cruelty and greed. To make a profit, the horse carriage industry would have literally worked Ryder to death if it weren’t for viral videos and the people who exposed their endless lies and cover ups. Their mistreatment of Ryder is the reason he is dead two months later.”

It is disgusting.

Horses or any animal for that matter was not put on this Earth for our benefit or financial gain.

In these situations, horses are forced to provide rides to customers for long hours each day. There may be organizations out there who treat their horses well as they should.

However, there are too many videos or reported incidents which means that they are not among the majority.

A Horse (NJ Department of Agriculture)
A Horse. (NJ Department of Agriculture)

There is a bill being proposed to ban the horse carriage industry and my god do I hope it passes.

For the time being, there is something you can do - don't ride horse-drawn carriages at all this season.

Think if you saw this treatment being done to your cat, dog or even child. Horses have a heart beat, blood flowing through their veins and can feel physical and emotional pain when they are mistreated.

Why do you need to carriage ride to celebrate the holidays anyway? I don't recall there being any horses at the north pole?


Please just don't. I am begging you.

Here is another VIDEO breaking this situation down in more detail so you can truly understand what goes on behind the scenes!

If you are looking to get involved and help with the cause, click HERE. And yes, I did sign up for their emailing list!

Another common website that popped up while doing my research is

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