Do you know which town is the hottest in all of New Jersey? We're talking about temperature here, not nightlife.

If you look back in the record books, the hottest single-day reading in the history of New Jersey is a blistering day in Runyon where the temperature reached 110 degrees.

The Hottest Day In New Jersey History

We often hear the "feel like temperature these days, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about straight temperature readings and on July 10th of 1936 the temperature in Runyon reached an unbearable 110 degrees.

Despite that day, Runyon is not the hottest town in New Jersey, at least not when it comes to average temperatures. According to 24/7 Wall St., that honor belongs to Moorestown, NJ.

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That's right, 51 miles away from Runyon, in Burlington County sits the town that has been named New Jersey's hottest.

Which Town Is New Jersey's Hottest?

Here's some data that will make you want to go swimming, or at least park yourself in an air-conditioned room.

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The 30-year average July temperature in Moorestown is just over 88 degrees, and during the hottest Moorestown July, summer, July of 1999, the average was nearly 94 degrees.

Moorestown was founded in 1681 and is a suburb of Philadelphia. It is certainly an adorable town, and the people who live there love it. But those summers, especially July, make it a bit of a brutal place to be in the summer.

The coldest town in New Jersey is Sussex in Sussex County. Maybe these two New Jersey towns should get together and help each other out.

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