Somehow, someway an NJ Transit Access Link Vehicle ended up in a creek along Wyckoff Mills Road in Howell and police are investigating how it all happened.

The Howell Office of Emergency Management was asked to come to the scene of the accident on Monday, Howell OEM Coordinator Victor Cook tells Townsquare Media Monmouth-Ocean News, to assess the damage caused by the vehicle.

Cook said Howell OEM is responsible for mitigating any possible hazardous materials in the Township.

What OEM officials and police in Howell know at this point is that the bus came to rest in the creek positioned on an angle and on top of a high pressure sewer line.

"The only way to safely remove this bus without causing any serious damage was to lift the bus straight up in the air without dragging it," Cook said in a statement. "OEM requested the services of our dive team, which falls on the responsibility of Fire District 1, Squankum Fire Company."

The Fire unit arrived on scene and had divers go into the water to secure tow hooks to the front of the vehicle which was submerged in about 3 feet of water.

The Bus was then removed from the creek by Jerry’s Towing Company.

"Because of the meticulous work from not only divers, but also the tow company, this vehicle was removed without any damage to the sewer pipe, nor did any fluids spill into the waterway," Cook said in a statement.

He said the driver got out of the bus on his own prior to police arrival and was of course wet but uninjured.


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