We live in one of the coolest places around. It's a top tourist destination. People use their vacation time to come here, so we must be doing some amazing things with our weekends, right? We're already in the midst of all things people travel to get to, so we must be taking advantage of it right?. Wrong.

According to a little informal survey I took, about 80% of the people I talked to living here at the Jersey shore spend their weekends at home, working in the yard or around the house. Included in that number are parents taking kids to soccer games or other sports or activities. Housework alone, inside or outside, accounts for more than half of our weekend time for people I spoke with. Granted it's not really beach season yet, but it seems to me we don't get to enjoy the Jersey shore the way we deserve to. 

I'm starting to think that maybe we have to use our vacation time to actually enjoy all the great things that are right around us. There is something about being "on vacation" that gives us an excuse or justification for not doing all those things we need to do. If we could only keep that mindset, we might be enjoying the Jersey shore as much as everybody else does!!