How about the latest FDA-approved cure that involves sticking a red-hot probe up your nose?!!!

A company has created a probe which, when heated to 140 degrees, burns up your swollen nasal tissue to help you stop snoring!

Although this may sound like torture, many spouses would argue that it would be worth doing in order to get a full, good night's sleep after years of trying to deal with a snoring bed mate!

This procedure is done with a local anesthesia, but you may need painkillers afterwards while you heal.

The probe works by attacking swollen nasal tissue. By burning it up for a few seconds, the tissue shrinks and effectively stops your snoring problem.

When we talked about this on the air, we received numerous calls from listeners who said they were going to send their spouse (like it or not!) straight to an ENT for this treatment, lol!

The company that has gotten the approval from the FDA for this probe and procedure is called Aerin Medical. If you enter your zip HERE, Aerin will tell you which doctor in our area performs this specific snoring cessation procedure.

A Brick listener who called in says he recently had a similar  procedure done (cauterizing his nasal turbinates) and told us says it worked great and he can also breathe and smell things better than he ever could before. (He went to Dr. Shargorovsky at Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat in Neptune.) The only side effect he experienced was that he smelled what he describes as 'burned steak' for about 2 weeks, LOL!!!


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