The number of near-misses you've had behind the wheel could be the result of someone else's bad driving. Or not.Driving wouldn't be nearly so challenging if we didn't have to worry about the OTHER crazy drivers on the road. Yesterday I went through the local tolls leading up to the parkway entrance, and before I could even merge properly, the car behind me was practically on top of my bumper. I didn't know whether to slow down or speed up...but there's nothing worse than another driver putting YOUR life in jeopardy.

According to a new survey, 99% of people think they're good drivers (HA!), even though many of them are doing things that cause them to be TERRIBLE drivers.

Here are some of the results of a new study:

57% of drivers say they have had an accident or close call with someone in their blind spot.

48% have hit or almost hit someone as they were backing out of a parking space.

25% search the contact list on their cell in order to make a call while driving.

76% eat while behind the wheel.

55% admit to speeding on a regular basis. (REALLY?!!!)

37% drive when they're tired.

and 53% talk on their cell while driving.

Okay so here's the challenge. Can you admit to what your worst, most dangerous driving habit is? I know what mine is, but I won't tell unless you do! So...comment below!