The drive-in theater was something several years ago that people forgot about, but it was always in the back of our minds. Then the pandemic hit and the drive-in theater became cool again.

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To me, it was something I would always do and still do to this day. There is nothing better in the early fall or late summer than watching a movie outside on a giant screen or sitting in my car enjoying it.

smodj, Getty Images
smodj, Getty Images

I remember growing up how much I loved the drive-in with my parents in our station wagon. We'd load up in the big car to watch the big screen. We would wear our pajamas and eat popcorn and loved every minute of it. Last summer was the first time I took my daughter to a drive-in movie theater and she loved it. I believe she's gone back several times with her friends.

Since the pandemic, outdoor movies have become so popular with a screen outside. Many churches, community centers in different towns throughout New Jersey, and certain restaurants have had outdoor movie options. But, nothing is better than an "actual" true drive-in movie theater.

How many drive-in theaters are open in New Jersey?

There is ONE true drive-in theater that is still operational in New Jersey. The Delsea Drive-In closed in 1987 after many, many years of being closed and then re-opened in 2004. Delsea Drive-In is New Jersey's only drive-in movie theater.

There's always a double feature at the Delsea Drive-In and sometimes a triple feature. General admission is $12.50 + online ticketing fee and children 3 years and younger are free. Ticketing for the drive-in is sold by screens and not individual movies. Tickets are needed for all occupants of the vehicle over the age of 3.

Unless otherwise stated, all movie tickets will be sold online by clicking here. Delsea Drive-In is located at 2203 South Delsea Drive in Vineland, NJ.

**There is one other drive-in in New Jersey at a farm called Demarest Farms in Hillsdale. The reason I did not put it on my list as a drive-in theater in New Jersey, they don't have movies every week. It's a special through their farm where there are certain movies for special occasions at the farm.**

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