In Early April, the government started sending much needed stimulus checks, but how many people in New Jersey are eligible for the full $1200 or more?

Research was done to determine how many people in the Garden State are eligible for the checks. Here is what 24/7 Wall St determined...

Adults who are eligible for $1200+...81.9% of adults, which is the 2nd lowest in the country.

The number of adults eligible for the $1200+ checks...4,497,924 which is the 11th most in America.

According to the report, single people making under $75,000 are eligible for the $1200 check, and couples and families making less than $150,000 are eligible for a $2400 check and $500 for each child.

The report used U.S. Census Bureau public use microdata to determine it's findings. They also reported on the projected unemployment for New Jersey in June and that number is a tough one to swallow.

Our projected unemployment for June is 15.6%, which ranks as the 19th highest in the nation.

The article doesn't venture into the delivery dates or expected arrivals of any checks, but we do hope you have received this much needed money already. You can check out this C/Net article to get more info on when you might get your stimulus check.

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