We've all driven on New Jersey's roads and we've all seen the speeding. It happens all the time, every day and everywhere.

Jersey Shore residents have no problem admitting that speeding happens here in the Garden State. We complain about it all the time. The hesitation comes when we have to admit it ourselves.

Are we afraid some authority will track us down and give us a ticket if we admit it? Do we just want to seem like a better driver than anyone else? Or maybe we just want to blame everyone else for New Jersey's driving reputation.

Some people do come right out and admit to the speeding but others just can't bring themselves to do it. But now that everyone is talking about the proposal of raising the speed limit, I wondered if people would admit they're going that fast anyway.

So now we ask you to tell us the truth about this one. When you're on the Parkway, what the speed you're driving at, assuming there's no traffic, which is a huge assumption around the Garden State.

Take the poll and tell us you're driving speed. And be honest.

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