The talk of the town around New Jersey this past week was the UFO sighting that so many people saw and videoed.

It turns out that mass sighting was just a blimp in the area for the Giants game catching the sun just the right way to make it look like a UFO right out of Hollywood or, well, space depending on your opinion of UFO's.

I'm one of those people who believe it would be a little arrogant to think we're alone in this vast universe, so I keep an open mind. And even though the truth behind this recent blimp event turned a UFO sighting to a very identifiable flying object, reports of UFO's  over New Jersey are not limited to this blimp.

So, how many UFO sightings have been reported over the Garden State in 2020? Well, according to The National UFO Reporting Center, there have been about 100 sightings reported to them from New Jersey in 2020 alone, and that doesn't count any of the reports this week regarding the blimp incident.

I know a lot of you are thinking that if these crafts are ever to land and introduce themselves to us, 2020 would be the time. It's been that kind of year. But regardless of that, there have been 100 times this year when someone in New Jersey saw something they just couldn't explain.

Of course, a sighting certainly doesn't mean a confirmed UFO. There are dozens of explainable things the sightings could be. But what if even one of them is truly a craft that is not from Earth. That's kind of spooky, right?

By the way, in 2019, New Jersey was ranked 42nd in a study on which states reported the most sightings, so I guess we're way down on the list of priorities fro our interstellar visitors. We'll all sleep better knowing that.

In a weird way, I'm a little insulted about that ranking. I mean New Jersey was the home of War of the Worlds. You would think we'd get some galactic tourism from that alone, right?

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