If you've always wanted to go to Italy but thought it's way too expensive, well...you just may be able to start packing!

You can a hop a flight from Jersey to Rome for about $200!


Norwegian Air is launching non-stop flights from various airports in the U.S. (including Newark Liberty) to Rome's Fiumicino airport this November.

To celebrate, they're dropping fares to ridiculous levels. The trickiest part is that prices are listed in Euros instead of dollars, but even still, it's totally doable.

For example, say you want to book a short trip over there. There's a red-eye flight from Newark to Rome on Sunday, September 12th for about 200 Euros, which is around $225. You can hop another red-eye home on Thursday, September 16th for 180 Euros, which is about $200. That's $425 round-trip for a flight that's normally at least double that!

Granted, the more flexible you're schedule, the better rates you'll find. (And they are the kind of airline that charges you for every little thing, so learn to be a champion packer and maybe you can get away with not paying to check luggage.)

And this isn't some junk plane held together with toothpicks, hopes, and dreams either. Refinery29 notes you'll be traveling on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

No word on how long this deal will last, but if you want to book your flight, take it HERE.

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