Times are tough. Gas is $5.00 a gallon and food prices have skyrocketed due to supply chain issues. If there is a deal to be had, we want you to have it. You probably read about this Costco gas hack, so now I want to share a Costco food hack with you too.

ICYMI, Costco just changed its policy about buying gas.  Now that we are past July 5th, you have to be a Costco member to benefit from their lower gas prices. That feels a bit bait and switchy for some so we helped you with this gas hack. In that spirit, I offer you a going-out-to-eat hack too!

Not a Costco member?  I understand.  I personally love the place but not everyone needs to feed an army. For this going-out-to-eat hack you just need to tag along with a friend who has a membership or give cash to your member friend and have them make the score on your behalf.  It is all about the power of the gift card.

Costco sells gift cards to lots and lots of restaurants in their store, of course in bulk and at a discount. So, pick your eatery of choice, give the cash to your connection and use the gift cards when going out to eat to pay your bill.  You will save 10-30% every time you go out to eat using the cards. You may see $100 worth of gift cards to your favorite steakhouse for $79.99. So if you are eating out why not have those in your wallet?

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

You can even buy a multi-restaurant gift card and it will cover lots of brands like a Landry's card. This one card includes restaurants at over 400 locations.

So now you can benefit from Costco gas and save on going out to eat, even if you have to be a bit creative to do it. You're welcome.  Here are some eating-out recommendations, we were happy to do the research.

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