If you've been using your best friend's Costco card, you're not going to like this new system Costco is trying out.

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Up until now, it's been pretty easy to just flash someone else's membership card, walk in and head right to the rotisserie chicken or Very Berry Sundae. Both just happen to be my two favorite things to get at Costco.

Rarely does anyone really examine your card to make sure it's actually you, but that's about to change.

Photo by Grant Beirute on Unsplash
Photo by Grant Beirute on Unsplash

Costco is tired of non-members entering the store using someone else's membership card. They're testing out a new system that would require you to scan your card before entering the store to make sure it's actually you.

Costco already asks for membership cards and ID at checkout.

Costco Finance Chief Richard Galanti told CNN, “It speeds up the process at entry and speeds up the process at the checkout,” he said. “That’s what we believe and we’re going to pilot it.”

Photo by Omar Abascal on Unsplash
Photo by Omar Abascal on Unsplash

More people have been sharing memberships since the pandemic, according to Galanti.

The Costco in my town isn't using this new system yet, but they're trying it out at different locations.

I also belong to Sam's Club and it's the same thing there. I flash my card to enter, but no one really checks it. There's not even a picture on the card so it's very easy to just hand it off to someone else.

Maybe they'll eventually do what Costco is doing and start scanning cards at the door.

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