UPDATE (10/19/15):

There's still a Facebook post going around claiming you can send wounded soldiers holiday cards by addressing your letters to 'Any wounded soldier' at Walter Reed Hospital.

That's still not true, but there IS a way to get holiday cards to the men and women who have served our country (or are still fighting.)

Soldiers serving overseas at Christmas
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

The Red Cross used to have one national P.O. box address where you could send cards through their 'Holiday Mail for Heroes' campaign.

The campaign still exists, though not through one national address. You have to go through your local Red Cross chapter to see if they are participating.

Here at the Jersey Shore, the Jersey Coast chapter of the Red Cross did not participate in the program (but they would direct you to the nearest participating chapter.)

The deadline for the 2014 Holiday Mail for Heroes program was December 5. However, there are still ways to help the troops this holiday season. To find out more, visit the Red Cross 'Help Our Troops' page.

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