Impact 100 Jersey Coast is a group of women of differing ages, backgrounds, and experiences who come together to make a big impact in our community. What a great way for amazing women to meet and choose nonprofits to receive large donations. Here's how you can become involved and how this unique organization works:

Impact is a global movement with a chapter right here on the Jersey Coast. Deirdre Spiropoulos leads this local group -- a network of over 400 women ranging from recent college graduates to great grandmothers, each with a diverse perspective. These woman all come together with a shared goal to make a difference in the very community in which they live. After all, help starts at home.

What I like about Impact is that I know many women who work really hard to raise funds for non-profits they believe in and want to help. But, alone, they can't raise the amount of money that would really make a large impact. Sure every dollar helps, but if you were to join up with an organization like Impact, you could possibly see your charity receive a donation in the six-figures!

Here's how it works. Each year, members donate $1,100 a piece. $1,000 of that goes directly to fund transformational projects proposed by nonprofits in Monmouth County. This year, Impact Jersey Coast will award 4 local nonprofits with a grant of $110,000 each!

And each woman gets an equal vote in determining which non-profits can provide the greatest impact to our community's most pressing needs.

This effort starts with one woman, one donation, and one vote. So if you are ready to make an impact, CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a member.

And if you know of a non-profit that has a positive impact on our community, here's how that group can apply for a grant!



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