Sure you can try and raise money on your own to help those in our community in need. could do this:

You could join an amazing group of other women at the Jersey Shore and pool the money you are raising so that those who receive it get a MUCH larger donation when you hand over that grant money!

That is the successful concept behind Impact 100 Jersey Coast, which awards grants in the amount of $100,000 or more to local nonprofit organizations!

How do they do this? One woman, one donation, one vote.

What does that mean? It means that each member makes a single donation of $1,100. $1,000 of that goes toward grants... and the rest towards operating costs.

So which nonprofits get the pooled money from all of the women who join and donate? Trained Impact volunteers review the applications and then, each year in November, finalist nonprofits make presentations to the entire membership and each member gets to cast her individual vote for who should receive each large grant.

And it works! What a concept!

Impact 100 Jersey Coast has an amazing 5-year history. This coming November, the 456 women of Impact 100 will award 4 grants of $114,000 each to select Monmouth County nonprofits for a total of $456,000!

In 5 years these incredible women will have awarded over $1.6 million to 14 nonprofits in Monmouth County!

Some of the nonprofits who have received these enormous grants include the Asbury Park Music Foundation, Clean Ocean Action, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey, CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, Family Resource Associates, Covenant House New Jersey, The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County, and 180 Turning Lives Around.

This year Impact 100 expanded its relief efforts in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Members were given the option to allocate a portion of their membership donation (that would normally go toward funding the organization's operating expenses) to the NJ Pandemic Relief Fund instead, which came out to a donation amount of $17,650.

We would also like to recognize Tom Hayes and NJNG for bringing attention to Impact 100 Jersey Coast. NJNG does so much to support community nonprofit organizations who are helping those who need it most!

If you would like to become a member of Impact 100 Jersey Coast, they are currently recruiting new members for their 2021 class. To learn more, CLICK HERE!


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