We've had an incredible stretch of weather lately, and it's allowed one lucky NJ resident to capture the beauty of nature on film!

Vimeo user Nik (a South Jersey massage therapist) posted this incredible video shot Tuesday while he was Stand-Up Paddleboarding amongst humpback whales swimming about a mile off the coast of Stone Harbor.

He wrote,

Warm, sunny skies with light winds made for ideal conditions to paddle offshore and watch these humpback whales gorge themselves on bunker. I had more than a few hair raising experiences out there.

Filmed in Stone Harbor, NJ between Stone Harbor Point and 90th St. on 12/6 and 12/7. I saw 4 different whales (2 on 12/6 which makes up the first half of the vid, and 2 on 12/7 for the second half) but only got quality footage from one whale each day. For the most part, the whales were 1-2 miles offshore but the encounter at the end of the video happened about 4 miles offshore."

So cool! (Though maybe not the safest move to SUP so close to whales!)

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