Just by looking at Santa's body type, you can tell that he is not really a runner or even the athletic type.

Please don't bring me coal this year. I am not disrespecting you.

But if you are a runner and want to get dressed up like Santa alongside a bunch of other Santas we have something for you.

The Asbury Park Santa Run is happening this year and you can still be a part of it. We found on Asbury Park Santa Run website that the tickets are 80% sold out. Oh wow! Looks like a bunch of Santas really want to be running this year.

One of the coolest things is that the Asbury Park Santa Run is making its return. The last time the Asbury Park Santa Run happened was in 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Here is another fun fact shared on the Asbury Park Santa Run website, every runner that registers to run "will receive their very own Santa suit." There you go, you don't have to stress about having to find a Santa suit at the store.

The Asbury Park Santa Run is happening on December 4th at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

There will be an after-party at The Stone Pony following the run but don't bring your kids with you unless they are 21 and over. Even if you are of age you can't enter the event unless you are vaccinated or have proof of negative test within 48 hours.

NOTE: 94.5 PST is not associated with this event in an official capacity. Please contact the event organizers directly for more details.

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