My Facebook newsfeed is covered with photos and statuses of unconfirmed nonsense.

It makes it much harder for news teams and broadcasters to get the real news out when we have to sift through the crap.Seaside's boardwalk has not fallen into the sea. (Not yet, anyway.) Yes, the water is up to the boardwalk, and part of the boards are gone -- because they were being replaced. Before the storm.

There are no travel bans in effect in Monmouth or Ocean County. (Not yet, anyway.) Yes, the Parkway is closed south of exit 38 (AC Expressway.)

And that picture of the escalators with the sharks? That was photoshopped.

This is one of the most massive storms on record. Yes, flooding and damage is increasing. However, just because you see a photo on Facebook, doesn't mean it's legitimate.

Consider your sources, and don't share information that you aren't 100% sure is true. It doesn't help anyone.

Let's keep level heads so we can get through this together. Stay safe everyone!

What are some rumors you've heard so far? Share them below!