It's school bus time and our kids and the school buses need to stay safe, please don't be stupid.

I was in Bayville yesterday after school picking my daughter up after volleyball practice. I see school buses all day long but especially around 3:30, there are a lot of school buses on the road.

We have to take it slow because we just never know if kids are running across the street, but when I see drivers being totally idiots, I have to say something.

Kids are told to never, ever walk behind the bus. They must walk in front of the bus. We know the basic rules, too as drivers. When we see the red lights blinking and the stop signs come up, what should we do? Do we stop or go? It should be a simple answer and you as a driver should know what to do.

These kids that get off at this bus stop where I saw this are the tiniest, little kids. I can't even imagine if your horrible driving would have hit one of these little ones walking across the street.

Jerry X, Getty Images
Jerry X, Getty Images

Here's the deal, the red lights come on and the stop signs go out...YOU STOP. No matter what, YOU STOP. Yesterday, on a small street in Berkeley Township I saw a red four-door car and a black two-door car speed right past a school bus with the stop signs out and the red lights flashing. I was literally holding my breath, I just couldn't believe it. What were they thinking? In a moment something horrible could've happened, thank goodness nothing bad happened.

We have to be safer while driving, we have to pay attention, and we have to stop rushing, something bad could've happened in that second. PLEASE, please when you see a stop sign at a school bus, STOP.

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