It isn't open to the public, so if you haven't seen inside the Essex and Sussex, enjoy these photos! I was very lucky to not only be able to tour this classic 1914 former hotel, but to go into the Penthouse suite and out onto the uppermost 7th floor balcony overlooking the ocean!

The Essex and Sussex on Ocean Avenue in Spring Lake has been renovated and turned into individual units owned by those 55-plus. The dining hall, complete with private chef who cooks up awesome meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the residents, was renovated to look like the original.

The main stairway reminds me like something out of the Titanic. There is also a library, billiards room, hair salon, gym, chess room, lady cave, man cave, art gallery, museum room, bicycle room and more. Game of Clue, anyone?

While it was closed for so many years, I used to wonder about this huge, gorgeous hotel and how it could possibly stand, empty, for so many years. It seemed like something straight out of "The Shining" (in fact, some swear it is haunted!)

Now the main floors are marble, some of the old chandeliers have been found and brought back to life, and there are a few, select grand weddings and fundraisers held on premises from time to time.

Many that own a unit here use it mostly in the summer as a 'beach house', and, in fact, there are usually only about 30 residents inside this glorious building through the winter! Talk about an echo...

It really is grand, and inside they have hung many of the historic photos and artwork from almost a hundred years ago. What a place!

Thank you Nichol MacNeil (and my friend Monica, too!) for the opportunity to share this with our listeners.



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