I know I'm not the only one who has found myself so busy staring at my phone that I tune out the world around me...and I'm certainly not the only one who has seen others doing the same thing.


One actress made a short film to show just how smartphone-obsessed the world has become, and it, along with its message, are spreading everywhere.

The video, called 'I Forgot My Phone' was created by Charlene deGuzman, and follows her through various situations while the people around her have faces buried in screens.

Whether in bed, at a meal with friends, or out for a hike at dawn, everyone seems to be ignoring the people around them for the world inside their phone.

She wrote on her inspiration for the film on her Tumblr page,

I came up with the idea for this video when I was at a concert seeing my favorite DJ. The people in front of me had their phones up in the air the entire time - filming, taking pictures, posting them to Facebook and Instagram, tweeting about how cool this concert was. I saw all of this. ...

Some of you may know that this has been one of my biggest pet peeves for a long time. But you see, it’s not until very recently that I’ve discovered the joy in being in the moment... and it’s not until now that I’ve realized that everyone - including me - is on their phones. ... And it makes me sad. I’m constantly working on living in the moment ... but I know it takes a little practice. Would you maybe wanna practice with me? Even for a day. Even for an HOUR.

She raises an excellent point. I remember doing an 'electronic cleanse' for a class in college, and it was strangely liberating. I went a week without a cell phone, television, iPod, microwave, alarm clock, etc...and I was totally fine.

Was it hard at first to not check Facebook and e-mail every 5 minutes? Yeah, sort of. I felt like I was missing out on things...but I also had so much time for other things. I went for walks. I noticed things I never would have noticed before. I looked around. I talked to people.

It was nice.

I thought about it last night as Duzzy was discussing giving up his nightly online poker playing, because his time could be better spent somewhere like the gym.

Imagine what I would get done if I could stop playing Candy Crush, or Million Second Quiz (Are you playing that? Because I'm hooked.)

I should be hooked on something useful, though! Reading books! Running outside! Bettering myself! Sigh. Maybe it's time to try weaning myself off the web.

Does it bother you when everyone around you is staring at their phone? Tell us in the comment section below!

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