I was at the coffee shop this morning and I heard one worker say to another that it didn't matter what the schedule said, they wouldn't be working together tomorrow. You see, she was going to win Powerball.

I smiled and started thinking to myself, that deep down, when we buy that ticket, we actually do begin to make a plan for what we're going to do once we win. You have to love that optimism.

But the part I love the best is that we really want to be prepared when we get the good news. We know who we're going to help, what we're going to buy and what we're going to say when we get interviewed while holding that 4 foot cardboard check.

Here's what I say. It's only a fantasy after you find out you haven't won. Before that it's still a possibility, and a possibility sounds way better than a fantasy. So enjoy planning for your possibility and love every minute of your preparation.

And if there's any justice in this world, someone who has been devastated by Sandy will win. That would be awesome.