If you find yourself having a lot of shopping left to do and only a few days to do it, you may need some clever ideas that won't make the gift seem last minute.

When it comes to gifts that are bought just hours before Christmas, you may think it's hard to make them seem well thought out. That's not necessarily the case.The experts at time.com may have just the ideas you are looking for.

Some of their suggestions may get you out of a jam this year. How about maid service? It's very thoughtful, will be truly appreciated, and you can get it for around $100. Who wouldn't love a break from cleaning the house?

Other suggestions include a spa day, a personal stylist and even skydiving for the more daring person on your holiday gift list.

My favorite, though, is the charity gift card. Make a charity donation in their name. The will love it and it will help others. The true holiday spirit!