“Blah, blah, blah, you should have gone with Springsteen songs, blah, blah, blah.”

Did you get that off your chest? I’m sorry if you think Springsteen is New Jersey’s icon, but I just can’t get into his music. Bon Jovi screams “Jersey” to me. So here we are. If New Jersey towns were Bon Jovi songs, this is what they would be.

Now I could have just gone with every track on “New Jersey” but that’s no fun, so I completely took that album out of the equation and stuck with other hits because let’s be real, no one wants to listen to songs they don’t know.

Hoboken – “It’s My Life” (Crush, 2000)

This song was released later in Bon Jovi’s career and was able to attract a younger crowd. It’s a very “YOLO” song (do we still say that?) much like the crowd in Hoboken. And let’s point out the obvious; remember the lyric, “like Frankie said, ‘I did it my way’”? If you don’t know, “Frankie” refers to Frank Sinatra who was from Hoboken.

Seaside Heights – “You Give Love A Bad Name” (Slippery When Wet, 1986)

If you were to travel outside of Jersey (or the Tri-State for that matter), one of the main questions asked is “Do you know Snooki?”. I think it’s safe to say that MTV’s “Jersey Shore” gave Jersey a bad name….

Cape May – “Thank You For Loving Me” (Crush, 2000)

Oh Cape May, you are beautiful, quiet, and almost too polite to be a part of New Jersey. This power ballad sets the perfect scene for a beach view of a summer sunset. (I’m also biased toward this song since it’s my wedding song!)

Morristown – “Livin’ On A Prayer” (Slippery When Wet, 1986)

The most famous song by the band. It’s basically an anthem at this point. It doesn’t matter where you are: a wedding, a party, a bar, the mall, I’m sure there’s an elevator version of this song, you hear it everywhere. It’s also the start of fictional characters Tommy and Gina’s story that actually continues in “It’s My Life”. This song is about life struggles, getting through hard times, and finding that light at the end of the tunnel. In this case, that light is Hoboken because Morristown is just a wannabe. Whether you went to one of the surrounding universities or moved there in your early 20s, you always end up in Hoboken.

Bergen County – “Runaway” (Bon Jovi, 1984)

This one gets a whole county. 71% of moves last year in New Jersey were outbound and the Bergen County area had the most residents leave the state. Bergen County is a great area, but between population and taxes, you can’t run out of there fast enough.

Stanhope – “Wanted Dead or Alive” (Slippery When Wet, 1986)

One reason and one reason only, Stanhope is the home of Wild West City.

Bayonne – “Have A Nice Day” (Have A Nice Day, 2005)

This isn’t exactly a pleasant way to say "have a nice day". It’s more of a sarcastic phrase. Don’t tell me you can’t hear someone with a Bayonne accent saying “have a nice day” instead of “up yours”. COME ON!

New Jersey – “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” (Have A Nice Day, 2005)

This song was literally written about New Jersey. I wouldn’t be mad if we made it the state’s anthem.

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