I want to go ice skating and skiing this weekend.  And I'd like to get on one of those skeletons and go down a hill really fast.  And maybe I'll do some snowboarding!  Isn't it inspiring to watch all those Olympic athletes?  They are so fit and committed and passionate about their sports.

Truth be told, since I'm not at all athletic, it's doubtful that I'll do any of those activities this weekend.  I will sit on the couch and watch the coverage on TV.  If only I could get a gold medal for being a couch potato!

For some Friday fun, let's think about categories you might like to compete in.  I might vie for a spot on Ocean County's 80s music trivia team.  (By the way, join me every weekday at 12 noon for the Ocean County Cafe flashback hour.  We play lots of songs from the 80s...and 70s.)  If there were Ocean County Olympics, what talent could you show off?  It doesn't have to be athletic.   Are you a great juggler?  Do you play a mean guitar?  Are you a Rubik's Cube expert?

Please use the Comments section to tell us what your talent is.




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