We hear a lot of stories every time that the Olympics roll around of athletes who have overcome adversity and beat the odds, but the story of a Shore based snowboarder is definitely one that you don't hear every day.

Less than 4 years ago, Rumson resident AJ Muss was in a medically induced coma.

USAToday tells the story of how the 23 year old snowboarder went into an operating room for a routine shoulder surgery and ended up in a coma.

After suffering a pulmonary edema, Muss spent the next two weeks in a medically induced coma.

Understandably, he didn't come out of the coma and hop right back on a snowboard, having to re-learn how to read and write, just for starters. But beating the odds, he did indeed eventually make it back up the slopes and is now representing America, New Jersey, and the Monmouth/Ocean Shore area on the sporting world's biggest stage.

You can read the whole, amazing story of AJ Muss' journey from the brink of death in a hospital bed to Team USA by clicking here for the full USAToday article.

His event is the Parallel Giant Slalom, which kicks off competition next week.

Here's hoping that AJ brings the gold home to the Jersey Shore!

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