Dec. 11th and 12th you can attend a free info session in Red Bank and Manasquan to find out how to get your body and mind back in shape starting in January. I've been doing this program since September and it has changed my life for the better.

The Atlantic Clubs in Manasquan and Red Bank are offering a program called Healthy Care at both locations, for both members and non-members. If your goal for the new year is to lose weight, become stronger, relieve stress, sleep better, eat healthier, get off of meds (or any combo of those things) so that you can feel GREAT about yourself, check out these upcoming FREE info sessions:

Dec. 11th at 9 am in Manasquan or 6 pm in Red Bank,


Dec. 12th at 10 am in Red Bank or 6 pm in Manasquan.

Healthy Care is a 3-month program worth every penny (and VERY reasonably priced) that let's you work in a small group of people just like you, who are also looking to get themselves back to good health and a better lifestyle.

You'll work with a licensed, registered dietician/nutritionist and personal trainers to learn from scratch (NO previous fitness experience necessary) how to eat right, cook, grocery shop, exercise in MANY different forms (you will get to experience private, small-group classes with your group alone to try classes and types of workouts that you may have felt uncomfortable walking into own your own up until now).

I have found that even thought I have been working out for years and thought I knew everything about clean eating....I didn't really know it all. Plus, the medical world has changed and there are now really healthy ways of changing your lifestyle that are improved methods.

And when you are combining that with blood work and body fat measurements in a program like this where you will have professionals calculating your exact needs and monitoring your results, it beats any 6-week program that cannot possibly cover all of these individual details.

Because this program is 12 weeks long, it gives you more time to slowly and methodically learn new, healthier habits and meet weekly to get support from the professionals, while getting access every day to the gym to implement everything you are learning with your workouts.

For true success in changing your lifestyle, you can't just fast or starve, and you can't just work out. It's a combination of healthy eating and exercise. This personalized program will target, based on your specific numbers and test results, what YOU need to work on. And because you are with others in the same boat, you will learn that you don't want to let yourself OR your group down. Being accountable and having support from others in the same situation is KEY to helping you reach your goals.

This is one of the the best gifts you can treat yourself to in the new year. If you are curious and considering it, check out the free info sessions above and get signed up for January!

For more details or to sign up for one of the free info seminars, call or email Kathy Guibord: 732-292-4380,

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