We all love animals in the Garden State and cherish our pets like family members, but not all animals can be pets, and here are some of the animals that are illegal to have as pets in New Jersey.

It's hard to believe these animals had to be put on a list to remind us they might not make the coziest pets, but if you need the reminder, here are some animals that are illegal as pets in New Jersey.

Which Animals Are Illegal Pets In New Jersey?

Just because they had to be put in writing is pretty amazing, but here they are, according to UAppeal.

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Sperm Whale. We hope you didn't start construction on that sperm whale pool in your backyard. The law says you won't be getting the chance to use it.

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Bear. They may prevent forest fires and make great cartoons, but you can't have one as a pet.

There Are More Not-So-Surprising Illegal Pets

Apes. You live in the wrong state if you've always wanted a pet ape. And if you think you can switch the ape dream out for a baboon, the law says that's a no-no, too.

Crocodiles. We know the dream. You're sitting there binging your favorite show, and your precious crocodile is beside you. Sorry, that's an illegal dream in New Jersey.

Non-Domestic Felines. It looks like you can't have a lion or a tiger either. Your backyard is breathing a big sigh of relief, and so are all of your neighbors.

10 Exotic Animals That Are Legal To Own In New Jersey

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