This weekend I saw a lot of Moms writing on Facebook about finding no juice boxes while grocery shopping.

I did find some juice boxes in the Walmart in Lanoka Harbor. But, Capri Suns are what people are looking for, I haven't seen them.

There have been many shortages of many items, we're not used to these shortages again, but guess what - there's not a shortage of cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Can you believe it?

According to, there are national shortages week by week of different items. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I'm having trouble with salads and vegetables, not sure why.

Professionals are saying it's a possibility of getting your holiday necessities soon, start early, and strategize to stay ahead of the shortage. There are several shortages this week from antacids to pumpkin, believe it or not. More shortages to add to the list are cat food, cooking oil, Soybean products, and deli lunch meats. I was talking to a grocery store person this past weekend and he was telling me they get a couple of shipments a week and their trucks have been so empty. You might want to start early with your holiday grocery shopping.

If you know of places that have juice boxes and hear people are trying to find cat food, please let us know. Email me if you've seen juice boxes and cat food. There are other items that people wrote me about that they are looking for - orange juice? certain meats? different kinds of bread? If you see these products in your grocery store, email me

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