The PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel has recently completed its 2021 concert schedule. A MASSIVE congratulations to the Arts Center for having a successful year. The crowds were tremendous and the performances were top-notch.

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Turning the page, it seems like your PNC Bank Arts Center experience will be even better in 2022...

If you frequently drive on the Garden State Parkway, you might have seen large construction zones near the Arts Center exits. Here's everything you need to know about the new project...

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority:

The project is intended to improve the operation of the East-West PNC Service Road through a reconfiguration that will improve safety by providing conventional right-hand-side drive operation. Additionally, the intersections with the Garden State Parkway northbound and southbound exit ramps with the East-West PNC Service Road will be improved. The project will also include lane control system improvements, roadway, and parking lot lighting improvements, pedestrian ADA and access improvements, stormwater management, resurfacing, signing, striping, and other ancillary work.

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Having a large and successful concert venue yards away from the Garden State Parkway, these changes are necessary. The safety of thousands of concert-goers is the number one priority, whether they are inside or outside the venue. Expect the construction to be completed by March/ April of 2022, right before the start of the new concert season. Have you seen the 2022 PNC Bank Arts Center schedule?? Keep scrolling, it's going to be a great year...expect more big names to be added soon!

Your Current 2022 PNC Bank Arts Center Concert Schedule...

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