According to a new survey, 9 out of 10 shoppers make impulse purchases....both big and small.

I usually make a mental list before I leave the house to go to the food store. And I make it a point to never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

But I broke the rule yesterday. There was not a moment to eat before I went to the supermarket, and my stomach rumbled the second I stepped inside. The bottle of water I brought in with me to quench my apetite did nothing when I started salivating in the cookie and cracker aisle.

But instead of picking up the first box of Chips Ahoy that I came across, I figured I'd at least find something that I could justify as being semi-healthy...ha!

It was a toss-up between the chocolate graham crackers and the chocolate goldfish...but then I read the label: Baked! Made with whole grain! No artificial preservatives! And the first ingredient listed: whole wheat flour!

I know, I know. A girl sure can justify anything when she's hungry!