It's rare that I have enough time to truly enjoy a grocery shopping experience. Ideally, I'd love to stroll through the aisles and browse leisurely. But when I'm in a rush....I have to practice deep breathing to deal with others and their shopping carts.

They push their cart, stop abruptly, and then gaze at the shelves like there's no one behind them. They're looking for the exact product they need or comparing sale prices or reading labels. And they have every right to do so.

My gripe isn't with the shopper in front of me. It's that the 'two lane' aisle usually ends up being only one lane...because of the companies that pay to have  huge cardboard displays blocking half the aisle so that you can't GO AROUND a stopped shopping cart.

And if it's not that, then it's the huge ladder and boxes of product that is being unloaded and shelved that keeps you from being able to pass a 'stalled' shopping cart.

And I suppose I don't practice good shopping cart etiquette either. Because the other day when I thought I was doing something nice by moving someone's cart over so that I could get past it - thinking I didn't want to bother the woman while she compared ingredients - I instead got a dirty look for touching someone else's cart.

Ugh. Seems to me that shopping in a crowded grocery store is just one step away from road rage these days.