Here are some ideas for presents that cost little to nothing to make if you're not in a position to spend much money this holiday season.

1. Flower seeds. Get a glass jar, and put the seeds inside with a pretty ribbon around the top. Then find a picture of the flower and tape it to the jar along with instructions for planting.

2. Give the gift of your time. Write out a card that showcases a talent you have and how you will use it as a gift. For example, "My gift to you is that I promise to spend two hours gardening for you.", or "I promise to wash the car five times for you."

3. Photographs. You can make an album of memories from your photos for a family member or close friend. Or, you can choose one special photo, perhaps of a family member's child or pet that you took, and frame it for them.

4. Bake. Homemade cookies or biscuits are always personal and meaningful, especially if you have a special family recipe. You can put them in a tin, or just on a nice paper plate wrapped in plastic wrap with a pretty ribbon.

5. Write. Why not try a letter from your heart expressing your feelings about someone special, or remembering special past memories, or even trying your hand at a poem. Use pretty paper, and you have an original, priceless gift.

6. If you are good at crafts you can be creative and make things like personal boxes for storing jewelry, pillows, a hat, or so much more.