Most of the time when searching for something on Google, you don't even have to type exactly what you're looking for. Like a mind reader, Google auto complete takes the hassle out of a few more key strokes. But, have you ever taken a minute to see all of the suggestions Google makes for your search? We did our own Jersey Shore experiment and we got come interesting results.

First, we typed:

Is the Jersey Shore...


No huge surprises here. With Sandy, these were bound to be popular searches. And to answer the above yes, yes, and yes.

Next, Why is the Jersey Shore...


Why is the Jersey Shore so popular? Um, because we are awesome. We'll ignore the brown water.

Where is the Jersey Shore...


Ugh, the show that will never go away. The Jersey Shore has become a show and not a place (at least on Google.)

And just because the whole 'Jersey Shore' result has gotten me annoyed:

Snooki is...


I'm going to go with the first result.