You may agree with Chris Christie or you may not. One thing is for sure, though. He always seems to say what's on his mind, like it or not.

Now, I know that rumors are flying about his run for president, and then his weight will certainly become an issue in the campaign, but he hasn't announced his candidacy yet. So why is it that we have such a endless curiosity about his weight loss or surgical procedures?

I think it's pretty simple. I think we are looking for a sign, any sign that he is going to run, whether you applaud that thought or dread it. One thing is for sure. We want to know what his decision will be.(If you want to vote on whether or not you want to see Christie run for governor, check out Laurie Cataldo's poll).

One thing Chris Christie has proven is that he will always say what he is thinking, but a run for The White House is a complicated thing. So those who want him to run are looking for any small piece of encouraging evidence, and if all that's available is his waistline, then yes, Chris Christie's weight is really headline news.