Is New Jersey Rude? Guess that depends on your definition of rude. According to Google rude is defined as "offensively impolite or ill-mannered" and "having a startling abruptness" so maybe? or is it we just don't have time for nonsense? If you live here in New Jersey you know the answer and if you live outside Jersey, you should get on board and then there won't be any problems lol


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According to a new report from Factable, New Jersey may rank as one of the rudest States in all of America. "Since New Jersey is so close to New York, residents have to deal with annoyances including high cost of living and a large population. These things have triggered people to act out by not tipping, having rude conversations, and more. New Jersey is also ranked as one of the worst places for driving."

So I decided to ask real New Jerseyans what they think of our "attitude" here in the Garden State. Why not find out if we ourselves think we are a bit "short" when it comes to the attitude in Jersey? Ümit Yıldırım Ümit Yıldırım


Here is what you at home had to say:

Jesse: Short answer, Yes. Long answer, NJ is rude vocally while physically being nice. West coast, they are nice vocally, but wouldn't go out of their way to help.

Paul: That's a loaded question !!!! Lol

Liz: Please ... People from New Jersey aren't rude. We're honest and people take that as being rude.. we will tell you straight up & not sugar code s*** We don't smile at your face while stabbing you in the back like they do down south.

Sandee: Both, I'm a very polite person. It annoys me, when people, are very rude and annoying!

Cindy: Most born and raised in NJ are not rude. It's the New Yorkers that have moved here who are rude!

John: We're just way too busy for BULLSH*@! That's the plain and simple truth.

Jamie: D…all of the above

Laura: Rude

Michele: Realists


Thanks, everyone for your feedback, if you have additional comments feel free to post them below.


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