If you ask Jersey Shore residents, as we did, if they ever personally experienced anything supernatural in their lives, the response is literally overwhelming. Some of the stories and some of the stats we compiled will really surprise you and leave you wondering about this spooky topic.

Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash
Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

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We asked a simple question to Jersey Shore residents. "Yes or no. Do you think you've ever experienced a ghost or anything supernatural"? The answers and the results were literally overwhelming.

Here are portions of some of the comments we received...

Barb F. "Working in a supermarket the bread was flying off of the shelf for no reason"

Lori A. "Yes. I worked at an old age home back in the 90’s. As I was cleaning up a white figure walked by into the dining room".


Jackie N. "I've seen ghosts and have been visited by spirits... If you don't like it, demand that they leave".

Oculus R. "...Over 100 years of cameras and we've never captured anything that couldn't be explained unless one's easily fooled. Modern TV shows like Taps and Most Haunted also confirmed nothing...".

Edward H..."I do not think, I know I have on multiple occasions".

Those are just some examples of the comment we received, and when it comes to how many respondents believe they have experienced something supernatural, the results are mind-boggling.

Nearly 91% of the people who answered said that they personally experienced something they considered supernatural. That is absolutely amazing. Now, we do understand that this is not scientific and that people saying yes are way more likely to respond, but still. That's a lot of people seeing ghosts or whatever they saw or experienced.

Personally, I believe in the supernatural. I have had several experiences in my life that are not exaggerated or made up but would send a chill up your spine. Like doors slamming while I was in a room, and the sound of dragging chains when there were no people or chains around.

And like many Jersey Shore residents, you really can't talk me out of it. I heard things, I saw things, and I'm not completely convinced I didn't talk to a ghost outside Mason Cottage in Cape May once.

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