Growing up here, I knew Jersey girls were... different. I mean, things like asking them to pump their own gas you might as well ask them to sacrifice themselves into a volcano. And yet mouth off to a Jersey girl and she’ll give you the fight of your life.

So the unique species known as the Jersey girl apparently is even quirkier than I knew. Take our new producer Kylie Moore for example. It was odd enough when we found out that she eats popcorn one at a time and with chopsticks. This is no joke. This is how she eats popcorn. And I had a lot to look past when I found out her grilled cheese sandwich making involves only one slice of cheese. And the knife and fork on a slice of pizza? A Jersey girl? Go figure.

But I never thought a Jersey girl would be so unpatriotic going into a Memorial Day weekend as to defile a perfectly good hot dog. It has come to my attention that this same person puts a hot dog together like some sort of Frankenstein monster. First she slices open the hot dog to shove cheese into it to melt. (Has anyone told her they sell cheese dogs already made?)

Kylie Moore photo

As you can see in the next schematic, will refer to it as exhibit B for bad way to fix up a hot dog, she adds sauerkraut in sections. Imagine four sections. Only section one and three receives sauerkraut leaving sections two and four wide open.

Kylie Moore photo

The next step involves the real life Sally Albright putting spicy relish onto sections two and four.

Kylie Moore photo

Finally we see the addition of spaced apart dollops alternating between ketchup mustard, ketchup mustard.

Kylie Moore photo

Why does she do all this? Go ahead, ask her.

“Because then each bite you take is like a different hot dog.”

I just seems like an awful lot of work. It feels unnecessary. But I also admit it’s harmless. She has the right to eat weirdly. I’ve just never seen anybody do this. Have you?

Oh a Memorial Day cookout is still a Memorial Day cookout and the hot dog is still a hot dog. My world is just a little skewed suddenly. Could this catch on? Take our poll below to let us know what you think of Kylie’s latest edition of Been Caught Eating Weirdly.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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