Hot diggity dog!  Are you ready to have the craziest hot dog you've ever had? I'm talking about the kind of hot dog that samples the very best of different cultures around the world all on your plate. 

I'll ask again, who’s ready for an epic lunch on the cheap that lets you relish in international flavors without even leaving New Jersey?

If that is you, then you are just like me and we should be friends.  The kind of friends that eat lunch at a place like this.


Photo credit:  Destination Dog[/caption] 

Introducing Destination Dogs where you have seemingly endless combinations of fresh, international ingredients ready for your creation.  Not feeling like creating your own?  Destination Dogs serves up some pretty outrageous pre-determined combos complete with a snarky title.

Check out these International and Regional options for your best lunch ever.

International Hot Dogs In New Jersey

They are famous for their international-themed dogs, some of which are staples that you can count on.  However, they do also feature monthly specials to keep it interesting.

They really do have the perfect name because Destination Dogs is a destination for any New Jersey foodie.  Go get your dog at 101 Paterson Street in New Brunswick and don’t forget the doggie bag.

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