No one can deny that New Jersey takes our coffee very seriously, so it would be impossible to to narrow all the coffee possibilities to one. Right?

Well, I think you know that there is always a way. If you're one of those people who tries to give your coffee order to the co-worker who is picking up that day, and half way through it you say 'let me just text it to you' because it's too complicated, then your coffee probably isn't going to top the list.

But someone did find  way to uncover some clues to the mystery of New Jersey's favorite coffee order. At least it's a start, a clue, to the age old question of which way New Jersey residents like their beloved coffee.

It's the folks at Work Wise Software who came up with the clever idea to find out which is the most searched coffee order in each state, and maybe that will lead us to the final answer.

So, which coffee order do you think is searched more often than any other in the Garden State. It's not my grande caramel macchiato with two Splenda and cream. It's a little more simple than that.

The answer, according to the research is simply "Iced Latte". That is the most searched order in New Jersey. The top one across the nation is "caramel macchiato". Hey, wait, that's my order. Awesome. I thought my order was personal and creative. It turns out I'm just like everyone else.

We're not sure if this is evidence of the Garden State's actual favorite style of coffee, but it's a peek into what the greatest coffee lovers in the world are searching. That's netter than nothing.

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