Trick or Treating at the Jersey Shore used to be one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid. When I look at Halloween now, I get kind of teary eyed. It just isn’t the same. Many kids do not Trick Or Treat anymore. Instead, they Trunk or Treat, or have their parents drive them around from house to house. C’mon now!!!! Parents…why must you change traditions? Why can’t you take your children around your neighborhood and then do like my parents did, CHECK YOUR CHILD’S CANDY?!!!! So many people go out and spend money for candy for your children and then get stuck with it. Then, there are those that stop buying it and keep the house dark. I feel like Trick or Treating is becoming extinct…and even worse with people trying to change the official day to the last Saturday of October. That makes my blood boil more than a witches cauldron. Rant Over.


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